Pullman National Monument

There’s a new place to visit in Chicago that I’m excited to share. It’s the Pullman National Monument that just opened on the very appropriate Labor Day weekend.

The Pullman neighborhood of Chicago was a planned community dedicated to those working for George Pullman of the sleeping car fame. He designed and was responsible for the manufacturing of the railroad sleeping cars that bear his name. He also hired Black men to staff the cars and they provided the attentive and luxurious service that turned long train travel from a chore into a delight.

He created the Pullman neighborhood as a planned community. There are several places to visit in the historic district which includes the site of the former Pullman Palace Car Works shops and administration building, the Hotel Florence, Arcade Park, and the A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum, named for the prominent leader A. Philip Randolph, which recognizes and explores Black labor history. The museum has a handicap accessible ramp. HOWEVER on-site programs have been suspended due to COVID.

Pullman wasn’t exactly benevolent and when money grew tight showed a nastier side. Nonetheless, Pullman bequeathed $1.2 million  to establish the Pullman Free School of Manual Training for the children of employees of the Pullman Palace Car Company and the residents of the neighboring Roseland community.

Although admission to the Pullman National Monument is free, there is a charge to visit some of the destinations within the monument.

Thanks to Geoff Burton for sharing this new travel destination.


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