Dubai considering new social behavior and attire guidelines

According to TravelMole:

Dubai revealed their new behavior guidelines last weekend in the local media, though it remains unclear if they will become law.

It seems the behavior of tourists has become irritating to the conservative sensibilities of the realm. It’s not surprising. I’ve wondered about it myself.

How would a people feel to see their cultural mores violated by a huge influx of tourists? How does a country that is inherently conservative handle visitors that have a whole different set of ideas about what constitutes appropriate dress and behavior?

Dubai faced a real issue and has apparently decided to tone down the behavior and dress of tourists.

Among the prohibited behavior and dress:

Dancing and playing loud music in public will be banned. Couples kissing, holding hands or hugging could face fines or detention.

Miniskirts and skimpy shorts would no longer be tolerated outside hotels and other private areas. Bikini wearers also could be chased off public beaches and only allowed on the fenced-off sands of luxury resorts.

It is clearly their country and they have the right to expect visitors to respect their cultural and religious beliefs. How would most Americans feel if visitors came from a country where going topless for both men and women was part of the culture? Probably pretty upset.

Actually, the part that I’d have the most trouble with is the no hand-holding in public. Easier to put me in conservative clothes, not drink in public than stop me from giving my significant other a hug and a kiss, or holding his hand when walking down the street.

I think Dubai is going to have a bit of a problem. It’s hard to have top drawing resorts without the party mentality that accompanies it. Easier to ask a bus load of tourists in town for a brief visit to see the sights to behave. But a whole ‘nother thing to ask party-goers to tone down the party.

I wish them luck. Oil money won’t last forever and a sound economy will be needed in all the oil-producing countries soon.

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