Rent a Private Island for Just $18,000 a Day

As a travel writer and editor, all kinds of press releases end up in my email box. But this one got to me.

At Lighthouse Bay Resort, an exclusive private island
resort in Barbuda, Eastern Caribbean, just a 15-minute flight from Antigua,
you and 17 of your closest friends and family members can be hosted and
pampered on your own island for just $18,000 a day U.S. (plus tax and
service). Rate includes nine luxury rooms and suites with private balcony,
daily breakfast, lunch and dinner; house wine and beer, non-alcoholic
beverages, and the pink sands of Palm Beach.

It also comes with a staff of 25, resident gourmet chef and masseuse, 24-hour concierge and roof-top restaurant with 360-degree views.

It sounds like total luxury, and I really would love to be on a private island.

So I started to do the math — I’ll go to a few of my friends and family and suggest they pony up $2,000 a DAY (plus airfare etc. and then there’s the taxes, and of course the words “plus tax and service” suggest that tipping will be expected).

I know there are people who can afford to do these things, perhaps even seeing it as a bargain.

I, on the other hand, am a self-employed writer and editor. That doesn’t suggest wealth.

So, I guess I won’t be taking advantage of this fabulous offer. But, in the spirit of sharing, I’m letting y’all know about it. Start collecting those pennies.

One thought on “Rent a Private Island for Just $18,000 a Day

  1. Gilligan and crew owe a mighty rental fee!!!!!!!!!!

    I would not be so inclined, but someone must be willing to pay so much.

    How much to rent a beach for a day?


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