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Our 200 pages introduce you to over 100 villages, towns, and cities from the major destinations of Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Taos to the smaller but unique communities of Tesuque, Madrid, and White Oaks…not to mention Cold Beer, New Mexico.

Read the real story behind Billy the Kid and the UFO sighting in Roswell that rocked the world. Meet Charlie Miner who makes unique cast glass art, and the pie makers of Pie Town.

It’s all there and more than you ever expected.

Discover Loving, New Mexico: One of over 100 towns in Offbeat New Mexico that you probably don’t know

New Mexico has more than 100 towns each of which has a story. This is the tale of Loving. You can read about the other 99 towns in Offbeat New Mexico: Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture.

Located 13 miles south of Carlsbad, the lure of this town is the post office where you can have your Valentine hand-stamped “Loving.”

Sweet sentiments aside, the town was actually named for Oliver Loving, a Texas cowman and trail driver. Loving is also known for the summer of 1866 cattle drive along what came to be called the Goodnight-Loving Trail.

Loving was injured in a Comanche attack while on the trail, just making it to Fort Sumner before he died of gangrene. Temporarily buried there, his son Joe Loving and his friend Charles Goodnight moved him to Weatherford, Texas, where he had wished to be buried.

The Goodnight-Loving Trail has gone down in Southwest cattle-driving history, even sparking a song by Utah Phillips about that cattle trail and the life of the cowboys. His song “Goodnight-Loving Trail” became a classic after being recorded by Tom Waits, among others. Here’s a link to a lovely tribute version of the song by a singer known on YouTube as Willy Sunday.

Two Airlines — Two Horror Stories

2016-05-31-lubbockThe life of a travel writer involves a lot of travel. Over the years I have had flights delayed, cancelled, even airport changes. But it’s rare to have two serious delay situations; one coming and one going. Yesterday, well, actually really, really early this morning (as in I landed at midnight) I managed to have miserable flight experience both ways.

Flying planes at full capacity is great for the bottom line and understandable. Except when the system breaks down travelers are stranded and the airlines can’t do very little to fix the situation. Weather holds, and mechanical problems not only delay people on the flight, but create a snowball effect that cascades across the country.

On my most recent trip I experienced this dysfunction both ways, in two different airlines.

Trying to Get to Tennessee

Outbound, I took American Airlines from Albuquerque to Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) and then on to Chattanooga (which, by the way, is a great city to visit – but more on that to come). Bad weather over Dallas delayed the plane making it into Albuquerque by two hours, and the continuing bad weather created a ground hold as the packed plane sat on the ground for an hour. I was okay with that. I don’t want to fly in a thunderstorm any more than the airlines.

After sitting on the tarmac for an hour, we didn’t have enough fuel to make it to DFW. We need to stop in Lubbock. And that’s where things went awry. The crew ran up against the limit to the number of hours they can fly without a break. In other words, they didn’t have enough hours left to make it to DFW and we all were going to stay in Lubbock until the next morning.

I was okay with that. Not happy, but it makes sense from a safety standpoint.

As the next step, we all lined up to be rebooked on other flights since our connecting flights were all going to be missed. We also needed hotel and food vouchers. But Lubbock isn’t really an American Airlines hub and they don’t have a lot of staff. The people they did have had to get passengers onto their flights.

Hours went by and no one was helped. The ticket agents were all busy. We waited. And we waited. After the very last flight of the day departed they began to help those of us stranded, standing patiently in line because no one told us it would be hours.

How many hours? At midnight we crawled into the hotel. A total of seven hours after we left the plane. Standing on line because American Airlines didn’t have enough staff.

The Long Trip Home

On the way back from Chattanooga, it was Delta that failed in the customer service department. Mechanical problems on the trip from Chattanooga to Atlanta delayed the plane for an hour. But the time between flights was … an hour. As I landed the plane that should have been taking me to Albuquerque took off. It was 11 am.

Rebooking? Of course. The next direct flight to Albuquerque took off at 8:20 pm. But, oh, sorry, no seats – fully booked. We can reroute you to Salt Lake City and there’s a 3 pm flight into Albuquerque. Yes! Oh, no. No seats. Fully booked. But we can get you on a 7 pm flight into Salt Lake City and then onto the last flight of the day into Albuquerque. Of course, it lands at midnight.

What about food? I’ll be at the airport all day and all night. No problem I was assured by the agents. Find a person in a red jacket – they have food vouchers. No, not any more. Very quietly, Delta stopped giving vouchers to those they have stranded. Pay lots of money for the tickets, accept hours and hours of delays, and pay for your own food.

Anyone for a road trip?

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Offbeat New Mexico: Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture

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What’s in Pie Town? Delicious pies, of course

Only in New Mexico do you find a town devoted to pies, and of course, named Pie Town.

Learn more about Offbeat New Mexico

Enjoy pie perched atop the Continental Divide.

Several places in town are open seasonally.
Pie-O-Neer Café
Pie Town, NM 87827
(575) 772-2711

Pie Town Café
Mile Marker 56
Pie Town, NM 87827
(505) 772-2700

The Pie Source is another pie-focused business and is located in an unusual building—a period authentic homestead cabin decorated with memorabilia from the families, homesteaders, and ranchers of the 1920s. You can also admire their windmill collection while you enjoy the pie.
Pie Town, NM 87827
Bakery (575) 772-2919
Homestead Pie and Coffee Bar (760) 420-9714

Offbeat New Mexico: A Great Road Trip Resource — Review by Accessibility Author Candy Harrington

When an author of numerous travel guides for people with accessibility challenges gives a glowing review to a book that isn’t even geared to that audience, you know the book is doing something right.

Here’s what author Candy Harrington writes:

Offbeat New Mexico is true to its name, as author Neala McCarten paints a colorful picture of some of the most obscure and unique New Mexico towns you’ll ever visit.

For example, there’s Cold Beer, New Mexico — how could you ever resist that?

McCarten is also very clear in the preface that the book isn’t a travel guide, as it won’t tell you where to eat or sleep. She further notes that there are many other sources that do that, so she saw no need to duplicate them.

It goes without saying that access isn’t covered either, but then again, that’s not what the book is about. It’s about the Navajo Code Talkers, Georgia O’Keeffe, Kit Carson, Fred Harvey, Billy the Kid, Smokey Bear and many others who made or changed history in The Land of Enchantment.

Is it worth a read? Most definitely, especially if you are planning a road trip through the state. I have to say that even though I’m a frequent New Mexico visitor, I’ve added a few places to my must-see list after reading the book. And as an author I can appreciate the amount of research that McCarten devoted to the project.

Read more of Harrington’s blog at Barrier Free Travels
Order our book at Offbeat New Mexico: Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture

Offbeat New Mexico: now in print edition

barbara 037Now you can explore places of unexpected history, art, and culture in New Mexico through our print version.

Learn about the Heroes, villains and everyone in between

Navajo code talkers
Madam Sally Orchard
Murderer Black Jack Ketchum

Offbeat New Mexico: Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture

We’ll tell you where you can

go sledding in July;
buy a Navajo rug at auction from the weaver herself;
enjoy a spa with four different kinds of natural mineral waters;
play golf 9200 feet above sea level.

And more…

How Much do You Know About New Mexico? Take our quiz

barbara 037
The state that calls itself the Land of Enchantment is also one of the more offbeat and quirkiest states. See how much you know about New Mexico. Are you an expert?

1- In which city can you stand at the corner of Route 66 and Route 66?

a. Santa Fe
b. Tucumcari
c. Albuquerque
d. Santa Rosa

2 -Want to play golf at 9200 feet above sea level? Where would you go?
a. Cloudcroft
b. Bibo
c. Madrid
d. Taos

3- Where is the famous Sanctuario visited by thousands of pilgrims who literally walk to it from across the state during Holy Week.
a. Chama
b. Chimayo
c. Las Cruces
d. Carrizozo

4- What town was made famous by UFOs?
a. Ruidoso
b. Roswell
c. Gallup
d. Grants

5 – Which is the one place in New Mexico where you can go diving?
a. Santa Rosa
b. Mesilla
c. White Oaks
d. Elephant Butte

6 -If you were soaking in a spa with four different kinds of natural mineral water, where would you be?
a. Abiquiu
b. Capitan
c. Los Alamos
d. Ojo Caliente

7- What town in New Mexico has a cemetery for cowboy hats?
a. Raton
b. Cimarron
c. Hatch
d. Albuquerque

8 – You’re staying in a hotel that sits on the oldest hotel corner in America. Where are you?
a. Albuquerque
b. Santa Fe
c. Taos
d. Belen

9- The only still existing original Fred Harvey hotel (under reconstruction) is in this town.
a. Albuquerque
b. Las Cruces
c. Los Alamos
d. Las Vegas

10 – Smokey Bear is buried in this town.
a. Capitan
b. Espanola
c. Lincoln
d. Las Vegas

Find the answers in Offbeat New Mexico: Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture

But, you can also find it on http://www.offbeatnewmexico.com

Kindle Edition of Offbeat New Mexico: Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture


Order it now for your Kindle (and if you have Kindle Unlimited it’s free). Or, wait a bit until it’s available in print. But you will need to read this book if you want to know the heart and soul of the Land of Enchantment.

Offbeat New Mexico: Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture

“Offbeat New Mexico” was written for the independent traveler who doesn’t want to follow the paths most taken by tourists but instead wants to explore what made New Mexico, well, New Mexico.

We won’t tell you where to eat or sleep but we will tell you about the United States’ “Mother Road” (better known as Route 66,) the Navajo Long Walk and why the little town known as Hot Springs changed its name to Truth or Consequences.

Our 200 pages introduce you to over 100 villages, towns, and cities from the major destinations of Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Taos to the smaller but unique communities of Tesuque, Bibo, Madrid, and White Oaks…not to mention Cold Beer, New Mexico.

Special Focus sections highlight the unique and the unusual; learn the origins of the delightful Storytellers for sale in our shops, the real history of outlaw Billy the Kid and the story behind the UFO controversy that rocked the rural town of Roswell and fascinated the whole world.

“No matter how long you have lived in New Mexico or how many times you’ve visited the state, “Offbeat New Mexico” includes fascinating insider information about the Land of Enchantment that will surprise even the most experienced traveler.”

John W. Byram, The University of New Mexico Press